How does it work?

  1. The bride and groom will order and purchase the Date Favors for their single recipients of the bouquet and garter.
  2. The Date Favors are delivered to the bride and groom in a beautiful package prior to the wedding.
  3. The Date Favors are presented to your single guests after the bouquet and garter toss. It’s a total surprise!
  4.  At a later date, the Date Favors should then be registered on our website by the certificate recipient.
  5. Once the registration is completed, the Date Favor recipient will have their very own Matchmaker assigned to work with them to find that perfect match!

What is a Date Favor?

Date Favors are beautiful gifts such as jewelry, ascots, wine, cigar accessories, everlasting roses and many more choices given to the single men and women from the bride and groom at the wedding reception. These lovely gifts are accompanied with video gift certificate explaining to them that they will now have access to their very own personal matchmaker to work them to find the perfect match!

  • These Date Favors are a great compliment to the bouquet and garter toss.
  • Now every single attending can win and possibly find the love if they desire.
  • They also make great gifts for the single groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Do you have “Date Favors” for men?

Absolutely! They love them. Not only are the actual Date Favors beautiful and manly, for some men they look at the service as a great opportunity to meet quality women who are open to having a serious relationship with the right one. Remember at weddings, love is in the air. Date Favors are a dream come true for single professionals. It’s perfect for men and women who don’t have the time to waste searching online or going on endless dates only to end up with Ms. or Mr. wrong. Personal matchmaking is a true luxury service for those who can appreciate it. Men and women have welcome the opportunity with open arms.

How do I get the “Date Favors”?

Date Favors are shipped to you before your wedding at a specified time. They are delivered and presented to you in a box with beautiful packaging and labeling. The gifts are gorgeous and elegant. They will fit your style and taste just perfectly. We can provide custom colors for your Date Favors to match your wedding colors upon request.

Do you ship nationwide?

Yes, we offer nationwide shipping to your event.

How long will it take to ship?

Most orders are custom and will require  a 4 to 8-week lead time. However, we can offer rush delivers on Date Favors that are in stock.

Do you have members/matches nationwide?

Yes, we have members nationwide. Everyday we add new singles to our database looking for love.

How do my single guests redeem the certificate given to them at the wedding?

Redeeming the certificate is easy! All reciepients will need to do is go online to DateFavor.com, click Redeem Favor and Wahlah! From there they will follow the instructions given. Once the registration process has been completed they will then be assigned very own personal matchmaker to work with them to find that special someone.

How much are the “Date Favors”?

Our lovely “Date Favors” gifts are customized for each of customers individual taste. Your favors will include the Matchmaking Service, a lovely gift and a welcome certificate. We offer different levels gifts that can be purchased for the boxes. Your representative will work with you to provide “Date Favors” that will fit your style and taste. You may also choose from our online catalog.

Call for pricing!

The “Date Favors” are beautiful. Can I order more for the rest of my guests?

Absolutely! We can custom color and design additional wedding favors for the rest of your guests. Customization can include names and images. A discount will be given to you for larger orders. Please call for pricing!

How much is your Matchmaking service at your exclusive company without a “Date Favor” certificate?

Individual memberships at start@ $2,500 up $5,000 for those without a Date Favor.

Can I sign up If I don’t have a “Date Favor”?

Absolutely! Matchmaking division works with people from all over. You don’t need a Date Favor to join!

Call our main office @ 1-866-992-5477 or 678-318-1771

Do you only service weddings?

Brides and grooms are our main customers. However occasionally upon request we will deliver Date Favors for other events or appear at other events. If you have an event and would like us to provide Date Favors for your guests. Please send us an inquiry at info@datefavor.com

Keep in mind we are very selective in our choice of participation. We want to make sure that we can deliver on our valued service to you as well as provide you with lovely products.

Can I use the service without a “Date Favor“?

Absolutely! Our clients come in from referrals, advertising and other ways. You do not need a Date Favor to become a member. We welcome you! We would love to help you meet that special someone.

Get Matched 

Will my guests need to pay anything additional to use this service?

No, once they have recieved a gift from the bride and groom they will not need to pay anything additional. As matchmakers we do provide background checks for our members unless requested. If this is requested, then there will be an additional fee for that service or any other elected services. However, no other fee’s required fees.